One idea, two different places –
that’s how Muuttopalvelu was born.

The story of Muuttopalvelu began in two different locations in 2022.

Miika had tried various jobs as a driver and in warehouses before the idea of starting a moving company came to him. He envisioned an honest and fair business that would provide moving assistance to anyone in need, whether individuals moving homes or businesses going through different life situations.

In the fall of 2022, this idea became a reality as Miika started doing moves as a subcontractor for a larger player in the moving industry. However, the dream quickly grew – having his own clients, his own brand, what could be better? nega slogan
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Meanwhile, Leo and Michael, who were running a website business, were contemplating a potential partnership as co-owners of the emerging moving company. Leo and Michael had extensive experience in website development, search engine optimization, and over 10 years of general business experience. By becoming partners in a startup company, the duo could contribute their expertise and skills to the business.

A few days after Leo and Michael had been discussing the idea out loud at the office, Miika reached out to them. Miika wanted simple website for his new moving company.

However, things took a different turn. Miika quickly became excited about the possibilities of collaboration. By supporting each other, could truly grow from a small seedling to full bloom.

The friends made an agreement on the division of tasks: Miika would handle the day-to-day operations of, while Leo and Michael would bring their expertise to the table through website development and digital marketing. It was a match made in heaven.

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From this, evolved into its current form, combining hard work, innovative thinking, and above all, a great shared idea. assists in both domestic and international moves, catering to the relocation needs of both consumers and businesses. The founders of place special importance on ensuring that the passion behind their work shines through to their employees and customers.

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