Preparation for moving day

There are several things that should be done well in advance of the move.

Well in advance of the move:

  • Terminate your rental agreement (one month in advance) or sell your old home.
  • Set up or transfer your electricity contract, internet connection, and home insurance. For detached houses, also consider water and waste management agreements.
  • Find out if the new home has cable or antenna network.
  • Book Muuttopalvelu for assistance on the big day – this way, you’ll know that your move will be easy and effortless!
  • Go through your belongings: now is the right time to recycle or sell any excess items at a flea market. Remember to also go through your attic, basement closets, and storage areas.
  • Submit a change of address notification at: (at least one week before the move). This way, the information will reach not only the post office but also the relevant authorities and organizations.
muuttoon valmistautuminen

One week before the move:

  • Pack your belongings in boxes in preparation for the move.
  • Clearly label all boxes and furniture. Clear markings will facilitate the move and the organization of your new home. Remember to clearly mark items for recycling or furniture staying in the current residence.
  • Pack important personal items separately in a designated box for easy access. These items may include keys, documents, toiletries, cosmetics, chargers, headphones, sleep aids, and clothing.
  • Disconnect washing machines and other appliances, and secure the cords to the machines using tape to simplify the move.
  • Clean as you progress with packing. For example, wipe down drawers as you pack their contents. Remember to clean the bathroom, sauna, and indoor/outdoor storage areas as well.
  • Clean the new residence or arrange for a cleaning service.
  • Plan the preliminary placement of furniture and the location of boxes in the new home using the floor plan.
  • If necessary, bring tools and toilet paper to the new home. Also, check that the smoke detectors are functioning.
  • Inspect the new residence and report any issues to the new landlord or property manager.
  • Protect your current residence’s floors or corners if necessary, for example, by using floor protection cardboard.
  • Reserve space for the moving truck or make arrangements for space through the property management or moving company.
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On the moving day:

  • Ensure there is enough space in front of your residence for the moving truck.
  • Provide instructions or a floor plan to assist the movers.
  • Clean your old residence once the belongings have been taken out. You may also choose to hire a professional cleaning service for a final cleaning.
  • Hand over the keys to your old residence to the landlord, property manager, or the new owner of the property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find commonly asked questions and their answers from Muuttopalvelu. If you didn’t find an answer to your question, please contact us!

Once you provide details such as the square footage, Muuttopalvelu professionals can estimate your need for moving boxes. As a rule of thumb: typically, you need 1 box per square meter of living space (e.g., 60 square meters = 60 boxes).

Yes, you can. Through Muuttopalvelu, you can schedule your move on any day of the week and at nearly any time.

The driver’s primary responsibility is operating the moving truck, packing, and unpacking the truck, as well as providing related guidance. Therefore, it’s advisable to reserve movers separately or consider our “Avaimet käteen” (Keys in Hand) package, which includes moving personnel.

Moving boxes are subject to a separate fee, which is clearly itemized in the quotation.

The cost of the move depends on various factors (such as square footage, distance of the move, volume of items, presence of elevators, and number of floors), resulting in varying costs for different moves. In practice, the cost is determined by the duration of the move and the number of movers, which are tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Check out our example prices for affordable moving services!

ou can protect your items using various materials such as bubble wrap, tissue paper, and by using high-quality plastic moving boxes provided by Muuttopalvelu. For more packing tips, please refer to our packing guide!

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